Self-Assessment of Nursing Competencies: Validation of the Finnish NCS Instrument with Italian Nurses

Aim. Research focusing on competence assessment of practicing nurses has recently increased. However, few generic instruments are available for this purpose. This study reports cultural validation of the Italian version of the Nurse Competence Scale (NCS, English version) by exploring nurses’ perceptions of the use of the NCS instrument. Metods. Content validity of the Italian […]

Conversational Pursuit of Medication Compliance in a Therapeutic Community for Persons Diagnosed with Mental Disorders

Purpose: in this article, we contribute to the debate on medication compliance by exploring the conversational “technologies” entailed in the process of promoting clients’ adherence to psychopharmacological prescriptions. Using a case study approach, we explore how medication-related problems are dealt with in conversational interaction between the staff members and the clients of a mental health […]

Learning thoughtful reflection in teacher education

The notion of reflection has become an object of attention in education, but the research on this topic is often reduced to mere reflective practice. A relevant part of educational literature portrays reflection as a wholly beneficial practice for practitioners, but also for researchers. In the nursing field, in particular, reflection is largely practised and […]