Affective Responses and Personal Flourishing

The paper reconstructs, develops and discusses Scheler’s Bildung theory to highlight its relevance for educational philosophy. First, we point out that a personality flourishes through a process of progressive individuation which is modulated by affective maturation and promoted by the encounter with an exemplarity. Then, in order to avoid some limits of Scheler’s realism, we […]

Learning thoughtful reflection in teacher education

The notion of reflection has become an object of attention in education, but the research on this topic is often reduced to mere reflective practice. A relevant part of educational literature portrays reflection as a wholly beneficial practice for practitioners, but also for researchers. In the nursing field, in particular, reflection is largely practised and […]

Rethinking apprenticeship in pre-service teachers’ training

The apprenticeship has a crucial role in many teachers’ training programs, nevertheless some scholars have underlined that in many cases the apprenticeship’s experiences don’t realize their full potential. Indeed the apprenticeship does not have a positive impact on the professional development of the pre-service teachers by default, but, in order to reach this goal, it […]