To shed new light on the importance of self-care, it is fundamental to pinpoint the role of the emotional life for this process of self-inquiry. The action of knowing raises ethical issues, even more when dealing with the intimate essence of the person; respecting a delicate ethics is the ground for dealing with such investigation.

After an analysis of philosophical and spiritual examples, which focus on feelings and affective education, I provide a phenomenological account that introduces some methods for self-understanding and a possible self-transformation.

The paper follows this path:

  1. The emotional side of the life of the mind
    •  The culture of feeling
    • Reflecting on feeling
  2. Affective self-understanding
    • The subject of affective self-understanding
    • Method of the self-understanding process
    • Reflection which transforms
    • The logos of feeling
    • The life feeling
  3. For a possible transformation


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