The ethic of delicacy in phenomenological research

In this article, the author works out the conceptual framework of the phenomenological method. The core idea of the article is that the phenomenological method is important in human research because it avoids the logic of control of positivism and adopts a logic of delicacy towards the lived experience of the other. Indeed, it is […]

Educating to Think in Environmental Education

Each epoch has a burning question it needs to address. Certainly, our age has to consider the ecological question. From a pedagogic standpoint, the ecological crisis is not only a question of lack of scientific knowledge, but also of thoughtlessness. Given this assumption, it can be supposed that the priority question in environmental education is […]

Emotional education in primary school: the “journal of emotional life” and the “vegetable garden of emotions”

Today in the fields of philosophy and psychology, many studies concerning emotions are relevant from a theoretical point of view. However, educational theory needs empirical studies that investigate how children can be educated to analyse and understand their emotional lives. With this premise, we developed an educative project to conduct qualitative research. The participants were […]